Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Sensorial Dimension

I know this post is well over-due, but these are some of the images that inspired me for my 'styling for editorial' module at uni. 
I began by looking at images that inspired me for this title. This theme then lead me to look at supernatural ‘moments’ captured on camera, almost like capturing a moment like a still from a piece of film. This then lead me to look at films that have a presence about them, films such as Phantom of the Opera and most recently ‘Black Swan’.
This then inspired me to look into the ‘Unknown’. I began to research intuition, gut feelings and things that can not be described but can be portrayed into an image. I found a book called ‘pictures of silence’ that i thought was appropriate for my new found theme. As silence cannot necessarily become an image but somehow within this book images give us the impression of ‘silence’. This portrayal of an un-describable feeling is what I aim to achieve within my photo shoot.

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